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MCL Saraswati Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. SchoolL - BLOCK, HARI NAGAR, NEW DELHI-64Holistic Approach for the Development of a Child

We are having the following infrastructure for our school:

School Building/ Campus

The school campus have all the required infra – structural facilities for a modern hitech school.

Science Labs

The School has four laboratories for Physics, Chemistry Biology and Home Science. These Laboratories are well equipped with modern and updated equipment and self- sufficient.

Computer Lab

The school has well equipped i7 computer labs. Computer Education is imparted to all the students from classes VI to VIII (compulsorily) and for classes IX to XII (optional).

Library & Digital Library

In order to inculcate reading habits in young learners, we have a vast collection of more than 20,000 books consisting of Fiction, Non - Fiction, classic and Encyclopedias. All classes are provided with at least one library period per week.

Audio-Video Room

This is the special facility in MCL Hari Nagar in which various subjects are taught through audio-visual technique for the last 4 years. This helps in making the subjects like maths and science easy and interesting for students.

Music Block

The school has 2 music rooms and well – synchronized orchestra with instrument like Harmonium, Congo, Drums, Bongo, and Dholak. It provides lively and Melodious music for all the school functions. Many awards have been won by the students performing in Vocal, & Instrumental music competition under the able guidance of a well- trained faculty.

Sports Block

Great emphasis is given to sports and a large number of activities and games are pursued during school hours and special coaching arranged beyond school hour. The school has vast play areas for cricket, football and basketball. It has a special court for Badminton, Lawn Tennis and Table Tennis. Special coaches train the students in these sports.The school has many national and international players.

Yoga Block

The school has one yoga hall in which students are taught yoga by expert yoga teacher appointed for this purpose. All classes are provided with at least one Yoga period per week.

Home Science
Class Room
Book Store

The prescribed set of books will be available in the school Book Shop. Other stationery items such as notebooks, files folders, maps are also available. Students must buy the stationery from the shop, as it bears the school name. This is mandatory because it ensures uniformity. Students will not be allowed to leave their classes to make purchases. Parents are requested to buy books for their wards to ensure that the students do not miss their classes.

About Us

MCL Saraswati Bal Mandir is a Senior Secondary School run by Samarth Shilsha Samiti, flourishing under the aegis of Vidya Bharti, the largest Educational Organization of the world. The school caters for West Delhi from VI to XII standards and is recognized b the Directorate of Education - Delhi ...